All HBN articles, insights and advice are completely free and open to all undergraduate students. Here are some of the things that HBN readers have to say.

Feedback from the 2019 HBN CV Clinic:

I had over 20 students benefit from the 2019 HBN online CV Clinic, where all students received 3 pieces of personalised feedback on their CV, tailored to their career goals:

*out of total CV Clinic participants, uptake was 78% female/non-binary, 22% male

Feedback from participants:

The process was very simple and I am so thankful that you got back to me so quickly!

It was definitely very useful – I will be revising my CV keeping your comments in mind, and it’s great that I can implement them immediately. 

HBN CV Clinic participant, 2019

Your points are really insightful!

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me.

HBN CV Clinic participant, 2019

This review has been very helpful.

Additionally, you pointed out things that I would not have seen myself.

Your knowledge and experience in this matter has been so valuable.

HBN CV Clinic participant, 2019