Spotlight On: Bright Network

Looking for your latest opportunity? Still yet to act on those career resolutions you were planning back in the magical haze of the holiday season? Worry not – we’ve partnered up with Bright Network to help you to get a leg up on your careers ladder! What is Bright Network? Bright Network is pretty much what it says on the tin – an online community full of … Continue reading Spotlight On: Bright Network

5 Ways to Amaze at Insight Days

Insight days are the humble underdog of the application process. Whilst flashy internship offers might seem exciting, insight days give you an early, low-commitment opportunity to explore the diverse career paths available to you and help to shape your career decisions. Take this opportunity to grow your knowledge, experience and yourself – welcome to our beginner’s guide to insight days! What are insight days? Insight … Continue reading 5 Ways to Amaze at Insight Days

Welcome: Making Women in Business, My Business

  “Izy, don’t you already have enough to do?” My flatmates look sceptical when I mention I want to start blogging again. Somehow, I suspect my stacks of due university reading may have something to do with this. Yet, here we are. Against better judgement and in rival to the limits of my calendar, I have decided to follow a thought developed under the flickering … Continue reading Welcome: Making Women in Business, My Business