8 Ways to Digitally Upskill for Free!

Happy new year! As a humanities graduate, people often ask me where I learned (and am learning!) my technical knowledge. Today’s post is a cheat sheet of some of my free favourites. Google Digital Garage (digital marketing, career development, data and tech) Microsoft Learn (free training on various technical themes and Microsoft software) Microsoft AI Business School FutureLearn (UCL students have free access to FutureLearn … Continue reading 8 Ways to Digitally Upskill for Free!

5 Final Year Tips

The past few months have been an exciting and fast-paced return to life at UCL. From my dissertation-filled study schedule, here are some quick tips on surviving the final year rush: Make the most of your university opportunities – this is your last chance to! When chatting to my friends in the post-graduation world, this rings in as the top piece of advice. Whether that’s … Continue reading 5 Final Year Tips

Don’t Know What Career to Choose? Try This Unusual Advice

“Could you just help me out with, you know, what to do with my life?” As a penultimate year university student, this was a genuine question my friend asked me over lunch last week. In fact, with most of my social circle nearing graduation, the theme of how to even begin choosing a career came up numerous times throughout the Christmas break. For one, I get … Continue reading Don’t Know What Career to Choose? Try This Unusual Advice

Spotlight On: Bright Network

Looking for your latest opportunity? Still yet to act on those career resolutions you were planning back in the magical haze of the holiday season? Worry not – we’ve partnered up with Bright Network to help you to get a leg up on your careers ladder! What is Bright Network? Bright Network is pretty much what it says on the tin – an online community full of … Continue reading Spotlight On: Bright Network

7 No-Sweat, Career-Building New Year’s Resolutions

Fed up of all the New Year’s #fitspo posts? (Yeah, me too). Why not give your CV a workout instead! “Getting better at the careers thing” is definitely a resolution that I’ve heard from several peers, so here are some simple new year’s actions to get you started: 1. Revamp your CV: Because honestly, how long has it been since you last had a look at … Continue reading 7 No-Sweat, Career-Building New Year’s Resolutions