10 Tips to Break into Consulting at Uni

With its fast-paced learning environment and its consultants cracking some of industry’s biggest challenges, it’s clear why consulting is a popular career destination amongst university students. However, it’s also notoriously hard to get into and competition is fierce. This week, an incoming first-year on my UCL undergraduate degree reached out to me via LinkedIn to ask: Can you give me some tips to get into … Continue reading 10 Tips to Break into Consulting at Uni

5 Mistakes I Made on My Internship

As the summer draws to a close, thousands of students across the country are rolling off summer internships. Inevitably, that means nearly every third Linkedin post is a success story about the awesome things that undergrads have achieved this summer! Social media is very much a highlights reel, and for young women to succeed in male-dominated industries, we need to normalise the day-to-day learning experience … Continue reading 5 Mistakes I Made on My Internship

5 Simple Tricks to Build Rapport

If you’re based in the UK, you’re probably aware of the phenomenon that is Love Island (if not: in a matter of weeks on national TV, attractive young people go from complete strangers to proclamations of undying love). Twitter and memes aside, this got me thinking about how our social relationships are built in such a short space of time. How humans associate with each … Continue reading 5 Simple Tricks to Build Rapport

5 Secrets Every Spring Intern Knows

This past month has been full of challenges (not least, finishing a mountain of Easter chocolate!). However, one of my standout memories of April 2018 will always be completing my two Spring Weeks. If you’re not familiar with the process, “Spring Weeks” are multiple-day insight programmes ran during the Easter period. They offer a first look into an industry and are often the first step … Continue reading 5 Secrets Every Spring Intern Knows

Spotlight On: Bright Network

Looking for your latest opportunity? Still yet to act on those career resolutions you were planning back in the magical haze of the holiday season? Worry not – we’ve partnered up with Bright Network to help you to get a leg up on your careers ladder! What is Bright Network? Bright Network is pretty much what it says on the tin – an online community full of … Continue reading Spotlight On: Bright Network

Tips & Tricks: Video Interviews

The back-to-uni season is among us, and with that, come the replies to all those applications you sent out in a mad panic last term! The next stage for most of those will be video interviews. If you’ve been selected, congratulations! Here are some of our top tips on how to excel in them: The Set Up Make sure light is coming from in front … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Video Interviews

5 Ways to Amaze at Insight Days

Insight days are the humble underdog of the application process. Whilst flashy internship offers might seem exciting, insight days give you an early, low-commitment opportunity to explore the diverse career paths available to you and help to shape your career decisions. Take this opportunity to grow your knowledge, experience and yourself – welcome to our beginner’s guide to insight days! What are insight days? Insight … Continue reading 5 Ways to Amaze at Insight Days