25 Questions to Ask your Interviewer

No matter what your interview is for, there is only one question that I can nearly guarantee your interviewer will ask you: “So, do you have any questions for us?” Nearly all interviews will end with an opportunity to ask your potential employer a question or two. It’s a great opportunity to learn and can also be a chance to demonstrate your interest and proactivity. … Continue reading 25 Questions to Ask your Interviewer

5 Final Year Tips

The past few months have been an exciting and fast-paced return to life at UCL. From my dissertation-filled study schedule, here are some quick tips on surviving the final year rush: Make the most of your university opportunities – this is your last chance to! When chatting to my friends in the post-graduation world, this rings in as the top piece of advice. Whether that’s … Continue reading 5 Final Year Tips

HBN CV Clinic: Find out the 5 Top Tips!

Thank you for the great response to last week’s CV Clinic! I received over 20 CVs, the majority of which were from female undergrads outside my network, and was delighted with the response from participants. Participant Feedback: The process was very simple and I am so thankful that you got back to me so quickly! It was definitely very useful – I will be revising … Continue reading HBN CV Clinic: Find out the 5 Top Tips!

5 Mistakes I Made on My Internship

As the summer draws to a close, thousands of students across the country are rolling off summer internships. Inevitably, that means nearly every third Linkedin post is a success story about the awesome things that undergrads have achieved this summer! Social media is very much a highlights reel, and for young women to succeed in male-dominated industries, we need to normalise the day-to-day learning experience … Continue reading 5 Mistakes I Made on My Internship