2021 Wrap Up: My Year in Volunteering

As we start cracking out the Mariah Carey in the office, it’s a good time to think about all the weird and wonderful things that happened in 2021. This really has been a year like no other!

In the spirit of reflection, I thought I’d wrap up some of my favourite experiences and learnings from getting involved with the tech community from the past 12 months.

A big thank you to everyone who’s got me involved with these wonderful projects. I’ve had so many great opportunities to meet new people and learn from them.

5 Things I’ve Learned From Volunteering this Year

  1. Everyone has something to contribute.
  2. The more you open yourself up to opportunities, the more come your way!
  3. Young people are my all-time favourite.
  4. Getting involved in community projects exposes you to people with all kinds of careers, backgrounds and passions.
  5. Personal development comes from all areas of your life!

My Year in Volunteering


  • Speaker at Microsoft TechHer Community Webinar: Introduction to Azure and Cloud Computing


  • Code First Girls Research Fellow & Python Instructor





  • Code First Girls Fellowship Mentor (Round 2)




  • Speaker at The Holt School: Getting started in tech careers for young people
  • Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School Alumni Careers feature (Modern Foreign Languages)


  • Panelist at UCL: European and International Social and Political Studies Alumni career panel
  • Pandemic Career Switchers feature

I think overall, my favourite part was getting into the swing of semi-regular speaking engagements in the autumn season.

Next year, I’d love to do more of these, especially in-personal panels!

I’m also interested in taking on more mid-term commitments, like volunteering organisations, to have the opportunity to collaborate over a longer time period.

Curious about how you can get involved in some of these activities? As always, feel free to drop me a message!


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