3 Things You Won’t Hear Me Say

Over the past couple of years, there are a lot of phrases I’ve started to actively stop using at work.


As an ex-languages student, I believe that the language that we use builds the world around us; the way in which we speak defines the speaker.

Here are a couple of phrases that I’ve stopped using in professional contexts, why, and what I use instead.

Everyone is different, and there are exceptions, but I’ve found that this makes me feel more composed and confident.

If that makes sense?

Wanting to clarify understanding, actually makes me sound uncertain


  • Would you like me to clarify any of the points I raised?
  • Any questions?
  • Does that seem like a logical approach?
  • Would you approach this differently?

No worries! / No problem! / It’s nothing!

Quick reaction, actually diminishes the work that I did do!

  • You’re welcome
  • I’m glad that it was useful
  • Happy to help
  • That’s great to hear

Sure, I can do that (when I can’t!)

I’ve learned the hard way that being overeager doesn’t overcome a lack of knowledge – raise issues early so that you can get the guidance that you need

  • I think we’d approach it like this – does that sound like a good place to start?
  • Could you walk me through what that would look like?
  • I have limited capacity at the moment – would this take priority over XYZ?

At first, this felt uncomfortable, but I’ve found that picking up these habits has improved my communication skills, and led to me being a better team member.

We’re all different – do you have any phrases or expressions which you’d add to this list?

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