My CFG SQL Project: LinkedIn Side Hustle

Let me tell you, studying an 8-week coding course alongside full-time work hasn’t been easy!

I do a lot of volunteering with Code First Girls, but this time, I was back to being a student. Over the past few months, I’ve been learning all about the world of SQL.

SQL is a programming language used for relational database management. I was interested in learning the basics because I’d often seen SQL understanding as a prerequisite for several tech jobs, so wondered what it was all about!

I got great feedback from my project overview when I studied Python last year, so thought I’d do the same for this SQL course!

My project: A database for a fictional “LinkedIn improvement” side hustle

I’m pretty active on LinkedIn, so when I had to think of an example use of a database, decided to mock up running a mini-business where I helped others to resdesign their content.

My project included tables on:

  • Clients
  • Email addresses and social media links
  • Phone numbers
  • Orders
  • Tracked messages

I built these tables from scratch, then, worked through mandatory and extension tasks to demonstrate some of the skills that we had been taught during the course, including joins, functions, procedures, queries and views.

I enjoyed the opportunity to practice what I’d learned about creating and maintaining databases, and think creatively about how what we’d learned could be applied to an independent project.

I also got to run some queries and analysis on my stored data, which helped me to see how this could be useful in a business context.

For example, I built a query with subquery which would identify all orders which my “clients” made for help other than a written feedback review:

This project gave me exposure to how we can build databases that work intelligently to support key business functions.


So, that was my project!

Overall, I’m just getting started with SQL, and enjoyed getting to grips with it.

We covered a lot of content in this course, and I think it’ll take a while to sink in. I learned a lot of new tech concepts, as well as uses for SQL, and I’m proud of myself for committing the extra time alongside deadlines to challenge myself.

In terms of next steps, I was really impressed by some of my peers’ projects, and look forward to seeing more advanced code! Thank you to my instructors for giving the time to support us on this learning journey.

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