BBC News Feature: My Journey into Tech

As a long-term BBC News reader, it was a surreal moment to start my everyday routine and find myself in featured in their latest Features & Analysis article!

Isabel Scavetta, aged 23 from Maidenhead, in Berkshire, has seen her expectations about jobs turned upside down. But not necessarily for the worst. “In some ways I’m strangely grateful for having to re-evaluate,” she says, describing a “complete career pivot”.

BBC News, March 2021

This was the result of a great interview I had two weeks ago, discussing my journey into tech: overcoming the upheaval of the pandemic, volunteering to democratise tech education, and landing my first full-time role in Artificial Intelligence at Rolls-Royce’s AI & Innovation Hub.

She taught herself coding and began volunteering work for an online project called Class of 2020, which provides free training for young graduates trying to get into work.

This has been an exceptionally difficult year for graduates. I have a lot to say around this topic, and my volunteering work at Microsoft, ClassOf2020 and Code First Girls is my small contribution to changing the way we think about entering the industry.

I run this blog to show that not only is it possible to enter tech, but also that transparency around careers and learning can be hugely beneficial. For example, I’ve referred at least 10+ people to begin their coding journeys themselves!

Curious to hear more? You can read the full article here!

Linkedin: Isabel Scavetta


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