5 Final Year Tips

The past few months have been an exciting and fast-paced return to life at UCL.

From my dissertation-filled study schedule, here are some quick tips on surviving the final year rush:

  1. Make the most of your university opportunities – this is your last chance to! When chatting to my friends in the post-graduation world, this rings in as the top piece of advice. Whether that’s sports, travel or volunteering opportunities, there are so many chances to enhance your final year which will give you great memories to look back on.
  2. Sign up for your university careers service. Most universities will not only offer you career support during university, but also in the next few years post-graduation, so it’s worth having this set up and good to go.
  3. Spoiler: no one really knows what they’re doing. In final year, there’s so much pressure to have all the answers – none of us do, and that’s just fine. Be kind to yourself at a very challenging time!
  4. Make sure you have your basic plan sorted. What’s your worst-case scenario? If this does ends up being what you’ll be doing next, make sure you have given a thought to your basic logistics and considerations for this next step.
  5. Renew all your student discount cards and accounts. Your future self will thank you!

Hope those are useful! Are you in your final year at the moment?

There’ll be some exciting new content to come in 2020; for now, wishing everyone a great holiday break.

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