HBN CV Clinic: Find out the 5 Top Tips!

Thank you for the great response to last week’s CV Clinic! I received over 20 CVs, the majority of which were from female undergrads outside my network, and was delighted with the response from participants.

Participant Feedback:

The process was very simple and I am so thankful that you got back to me so quickly! It was definitely very useful – I will be revising my CV keeping your comments in mind, and it’s great that I can implement them immediately. 

HBN CV Clinic participant, 2019

This review has been very helpful. Additionally, you have pointed out things that I would not have seen myself. So your knowledge and experience in this matter has been valuable.

HBN CV Clinic participant, 2019

Your points are really insightful! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my CV.

HBN CV Clinic participant, 2019

Didn’t have time to submit your application? Here are a couple of the most common feedback points that were made:

The 5 Most Common CV Feedback Points:

  1. Think critically about what content and roles really bring value to your CV. The ideal CV at this early career stage would be 1-2 pages (ideally 1), which is often possible with some content analysis and changes in formatting. Participant example: We decided to cut content that was largely irrelevant or felt arbitrary (eg rating oneself out of 5 for different skills), which had originally been included just because the original CV template had said to do so.
  2. Where you can, quantify your experience to show the impact you had. This helps an outsider to quickly understand the size and scale of your work.
  3. Don’t be afraid to rework the subsections of your CV into a structure that best fits your experience. Consider what subsection titles would best showcase your wide variety of positions. You want to highlight your most relevant and interesting roles which have helped you build your skillset to date. Participant example: We considered reworking their CV structure into Education / Work Experience / Further Relevant Industry Experience / Volunteering and Extracurriculars.
  4. A simple one but make sure to run your CV through spell check! It’s important that your CV shows you pay attention to detail and you would be surprised how often this comes up.
  5. If you can, add a predicted grade for your degree in your university section. When you’re applying for roles, most recruiters will want to see 1) that you’re eligible for the role 2) that you have good predicted grades (a First or 2:1) and 3) that you go to a target uni. You more than likely have all 3 (which is great!) so it’s worth having this information clear and up front.

As always, my inbox is always open for questions and feedback. Feel free to drop me a message on LinkedIn or contact HBN via the website.

Good luck with your applications!

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