Spotlight On: Bright Network

Looking for your latest opportunity? Still yet to act on those career resolutions you were planning back in the magical haze of the holiday season? Worry not – we’ve partnered up with Bright Network to help you to get a leg up on your careers ladder!


What is Bright Network?

Bright Network is pretty much what it says on the tin – an online community full of opportunities for the UK’s brightest students. Bright provide free careers advice, opportunities, events and content to thousands of students across the country.

What’s my experience with Bright Network?

isabel scavetta bright network

I joined Bright Network back in 2015, initially just being curious about the website and wanting to develop my careers knowledge a little.

Since then, I’ve attended their Women in TEC event in London, where I met loads of inspiring young women and began to explore my career opportunities in technology and consulting. At the event, I was delighted to receive the Skyscanner Award for Leadership, alongside loads of cool freebies! It was a real eye-opener to the industry, a really fun day and I’ve only been more involved with tech since.

This year, through the platform, I’ve secured Spring Weeks in Consulting at PwC and in Corporate Banking at Barclays. Not only did the website make it easy to find out what schemes were available to me, but I’ve also got two bottles of champagne from their head office on my uni desk (waiting for a special occasion)!

I’m also the Campus Ambassador for Bright Network at UCL, which has given me an amazing insight into the organisation and a great chance to develop my knowledge of different sectors.

So, what makes Bright Network different?

There are a couple of things in particular which make Bright one of my top recommendations for students starting out on the careers ladder:


1. Engaging and interesting events. Bright run a series of fantastic events throughout the year, which are all completely free to attend. They have a huge focus on equal opportunities, with events from Women in TEC (which I personally attended and enjoyed last year) to Diversity and Inclusion specially engineered to give students the best access to employers across the country.


2. Internship alerts. You can search Bright’s enormous internship database to find opportunities that suit you, and even add them to your “Career Calendar”. This helps you to keep track of programmes that you’re interested in, and receive reminders about upcoming deadlines.


3. Connect with talented students! I love to meet other students from all over the country, and the Bright Network community is full of amazing young people achieving great things.

4. Useful content. More than just a load of career information, the Bright website contains lots of useful advice. For example, if you have no idea what you want to do, I’d really recommend checking it out! You can also find templates, resources and guides for everything careers related here.


5. Champagne! If you secure an opportunity through Bright Network (whether that be a spring, summer or full-time), let them know and you will receive a free bottle of champagne as a congratulations. There’s no catch – it shows that the network works and it’s great to hear about your successes!


How do I register?

Registration is completely free, and you can tailor your profile to fit your interests!

Membership is open to students studying at highly ranking universities across the country.

You can sign up for free here.


(Bonus) Are you a student at UCL?


Bright have a page dedicated to UCL students who’ve secured opportunities through them, which you can read here.

We also have a special Facebook group that you can join to hear all the latest opportunities on campus!

Good luck in getting ahead!


Isabel is the Campus Ambassador for Bright Network at UCL for 2017/18. 

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