7 No-Sweat, Career-Building New Year’s Resolutions

Fed up of all the New Year’s #fitspo posts? (Yeah, me too). Why not give your CV a workout instead!

“Getting better at the careers thing” is definitely a resolution that I’ve heard from several peers, so here are some simple new year’s actions to get you started:


1. Revamp your CV: Because honestly, how long has it been since you last had a look at it? (Guilty as charged). The new year is a great time to refresh your CV before term time starts again. Unsure of how to best promote yourself? You can read our 5 Essential Steps to Make Any CV Experience Excellent  to get you going!

2. Make a LinkedIn profile: “But I don’t have anything to put on there!” “I don’t have a profile photo!” “I don’t get it!” I’ve heard those loads of times, but trust me, it’s so useful to have LinkedIn. If you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn, think of it like a professional Facebook which lets you stay in contact with the people you’ve met. LinkedIn really has been one of my key tools in building my network and keeping in touch with people doing all sorts of awesome things! It’s much easier than constantly asking for email addresses and lets connections see what you’re up to. You can join here. 

3. Attend an insight day: Start exploring the industries and sectors that you’re interested in via insight days. This can be a great way of demonstrating your interest! Read our guide to how to make the most of insight days!


4. Apply for a summer internship: If you’re a penultimate year student, applications are still open to apply for a summer internship! Have a look at what’s available online through your own research or an internship deadline tracker.


5. Join a new society: Make the most of the new uni term and join a new sport, society or club! Lots of unis will have a “Refresher’s Fair” with new opportunities to get involved with clubs. Joining societies helps you to meet new people, get the most out of uni and build up your experience.

6. Join a careers website: There are lots of great, free careers websites out there that do the hard work for you! I’d personally recommend Bright Network for hearing about internship opportunities and events – I’ve attended their events myself and found them really useful.


7. Improve your industry knowledge: Got a vague idea of the industries you’re interested in? There are some great websites out there that make specialist knowledge fun and easy to understand! From marketing to tech, design to Bitcoin, if you can dream it, someone’s writing about it. Why not spend 5 minutes a day staying up to date? Some sites even have a free subscription service where they’ll email you the best articles of the day. Some of my faves include The Market MogulPoponomicsInc, and TED Talks – Leadership.

Hope those help, good luck! Enjoy the new year and keep everything in perspective – personally, my resolution is to be as happy eating cake as this guy:





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