The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Weeks

In your first year of studies and want to begin getting some experience in consultancy or finance? One of the easiest ways to do this is through a Spring Week programme.

What is a Spring Week?
An internship/multiple-day insight during the Easter period. These tend to be between 2 days to a week long, and are often a first look into an industry. These placements are most commonly aimed at first year students, or second years on a 4 year course. Some are paid, some not, but all are a great opportunity to get started!

Spring Weeks are usually open to first year students, or second years on a 4 year degree.

Where can I apply?
To get you started, here are some of great upcoming programmes. Some Spring Weeks are aimed exclusively at female undergraduates, so make the most of this chance:

…and many more!

Where can I find out about them?
This is by no means a comprehensive list – there are loads of Spring Weeks available in lots of different sectors. Look at the LinkedIn profiles of people in your industry or ask second-year friends on ideas for where to apply. Another way to Stay on top of potential opportunities is through internship trackers made by organisations such as Bright Network!

Spring Weeks are very competitive, but don’t let that put you off. Securing a Spring opportunity will be really beneficial in helping you decide your career path, and also strengthen your future applications!


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