6 Simple Search Strategies to Find Your Perfect Opportunity

“How did you even hear about that? I didn’t even know applications were open!”

It often feels like even though there are lots of opportunities out there, they’re impossible to hear about until it’s too late. Many great chances pass applicants by as they just didn’t know they existed. This definitely used to be the case for me, until I changed how I was looking for openings.

With more companies focusing upon the issue of gender equality in the workplace, there are some great events, insights and internships available to women in all year groups. The trick is pretty simple – the more accessible you make yourself to opportunities, the quicker they will find you!

I use a variety of platforms to stay in the loop and find out about relevant openings. Here’s a shortlist of my top 6 sources where I hear about events in the first place!

Note: Some of these resources are particularly aimed at female undergraduates, as this is the main focus of HBN. However, much of the below is relevant regardless of your background!

With evolving technology, the recruitment and application process is breaking away from just listing information on company websites. Using apps lets you stay on top of your applications and discover new opportunities with minimal effort!

For example…
Debut is an app which allows recruiting companies to come to you! Just fill out your basic information and browse opportunities. Companies can ‘talent spot’ you if they’re interested in your profile, often helping to fast-track your application.

Often, companies will have a Careers hub where you can input your information and sign up for alerts about future opportunities. This also adds you to the company’s recruitment mailing list and can mean exclusive event invites. Get personalised opportunities straight to your inbox!

For example…
KPMG have a Smart Network where if you sign up, you can get job alerts, news and exclusive opportunities from the organisation.

Many of the big banking and consulting firms have specialised pages for their women’s inclusion schemes. Liking these on Facebook is an easy way to keep up with the latest opportunities in the industry and find out more about their diversity recruiting.

For example…
McKinsey & Co. promote their women-only opportunities and inspiring articles through their Women as Future Leaders Facebook page.

LinkedIn isn’t just for listing your accomplishments and experience – did you know you can also use it to keep up to date with companies you’re interested in? Several firms have women-specific pages and groups on LinkedIn that you can join to hear their latest opportunities.

For example…
Keep up to date with the latest from Ernst & Young through their Women. Fast Forward LinkedIn page. Some Facebook pages also have counterpart LinkedIn groups, such as the McKinsey
Women as Future Leaders Network, so it’s worth checking if this exists for companies you’re interested in!

Does your university have any careers/industry-focused societies that you could join? These groups often offer exclusive opportunities to their members and organise on-campus events with companies, giving you a chance to find out more in person. In future, applying for Committee positions at these societies will give you a hands-on experience in your industry and connect you with similar-minded peers!

For example…
Societies at UCL include the Leadership & Management Society, which gives members the opportunity to connect with leaders in their industries and develop their soft skills.

There a whole host of websites aimed at particular careers paths, often with sections dedicated to female engagement.

For example…
Bright Network organise exclusive events with employers to give you insight into different career paths, as well as the website listing hundreds of available internships and positions. BN also have a diversity page aimed at women. As an added bonus, if you get a position through them, they’ll send you a bottle of champagne to say congratulations! You can sign up here.

Inside Careers are specialists in careers in finance. You can also read their detailed overviews of different financial/consulting sectors here – really helpful if you’re just starting out!

Representing yourself on a number of platforms gives you the best chances of hearing about programmes you’re interested in. Often, you will fulfil the criteria for a variety of great opportunities, but you have to take the active choice to put yourself out there!

For today, why not boost your chances and try out one of the suggestions above?

Good luck!



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