Welcome: Making Women in Business, My Business


“Izy, don’t you already have enough to do?”

My flatmates look sceptical when I mention I want to start blogging again. Somehow, I suspect my stacks of due university reading may have something to do with this.

Yet, here we are. Against better judgement and in rival to the limits of my calendar, I have decided to follow a thought developed under the flickering lights of the Tube.

Her Business Now is a platform to share advice and insights for female undergraduates interested in pursuing careers in consultancy, business and finance, from the perspective of someone doing it herself.

On many levels, this makes no sense for me to start. I’m personally comfortable with my career progression, have some exciting opportunities ahead and have many other projects to be working on. Any free time I do have should probably be spent doing other things (such as, for example, aforementioned reading).

That’s how you know that this is important to me.

But, why is it?

Quite simply, because I am surrounded by amazing, intelligent women who are doubting themselves in the alienating and standardised world of internship and graduate applications. I’m far from the most qualified, yet, I’m confident in myself and the direction I want to head in. This is largely due to my amazing support network and years of advice from the most surprising places.

I believe that opportunities and self-empowerment are the key to more young female professionals taking on an increasingly competitive and intimidating environment, and this blog is my small contribution to that vision.

So, welcome! This is where I start to make young women in business, my business.

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